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Spring 2024 Grant Application 

We are excited to announce our Spring 2024 Grant Application is NOW OPEN! 

ALL applications including required documentation are due by Friday April 19, 2024

Completed applications including documentation can be emailed to

This grant is available for people living with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities.

Grant applications will be chosen and announced by Tuesday April 30, 2024 with pay-out by May 15, 2024. Grants are available for adaptive equipment not covered by insurance, home modifications, sports programming and camps. 

Funding up to $5,000


Application Questions:

Email all responses and required documentation to

1) Name of the person this grant will impact

2) Date of Birth

3) Disability. Please include a signed letter from doctor or therapist on letterhead verifying the disability

4) Person filling out application name and relation to person grant will be used for

5) Tell us about yourself or the person that this grant will impact. Help us get to know you and how the item or project you will use the grant funding for will impact your life. Pictures are welcome, but are not required for application.

6) What item or project will you use the grant funding for? Please attach a verified quote for the item or project. Vendors and contractors will be paid directly from the Crescent Moon Cares Foundation based on this quote so it must be exact. If you are seeking funding for medical equipment or supplies, please also include proof of
insurance denial for the requested item(s)

7) Have you received any other grants or funding in the last year?

8) We are growing our social media presence which will help us receive future funding to be able to provide more grants. If you are chosen for this grant, can we share selected information on our social media pages?

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